Fairfield Craft Ales

The Stats 

Location: Stratford, CT

History: Fairfield Craft Ales opened in early July 2016 with a little help from the crowd-funding site, KickStarter. Mike and Joe have more than 25 years of brewing experience and have always been music lovers. So, it just makes sense that their dream was to open a brewery that serves beer inspired by music. 

Food Service: No, they only have some chips and soda. Otherwise it's BYOF. 


The Scenario

This weekend we revisited Fairfield Craft Ales (FCA) since we first went during their opening week back in July. This brewery is a stark contrast from its neighbor, Two Roads, just 3 minutes down the road. The small taproom gives this brewery a home-y feel. The first time we visited, we were greeted similarly to the locals on Cheers. We felt welcomed immediately and this time was no different. Although, FCA and Two Roads are very different structurally, they do have one thing in common: they brew good beer. With a classic rock theme, FCA has named all of their beers after old rock songs. When we first visited, we weren't sure what to expect due to the drab and quite ordinary exterior, however it is clear as soon as you walk through the doors, that they have a true passion for beer. In addition to a small bar and seating area there is a touch screen jukebox and a flat screen TV playing the latest sports game or news event.

The Ratings

Harvest Wheat
D: 4/5 - This Belgian wit with lemon is quite tasty.
K: 4/5 - Very good beer! Even though I normally don't like lemon anywhere near my beer, it was delicious.  

Dixie Chicken (honey BBQ ale w/ cherrywood smoke, honey, and chili peppers)
K: 3/5 - It isn't everyday you get to taste something like this. Definitely unique! I don't think I could handle a whole pint of this as it tasted to me, like BBQ Lays. Our friend said he tasted chicken but I think that was the rest of the beer he had drank talking. Thumbs up for trying something completely new!

Final Thoughts

D: 4/5 - I'm sure we'll be back here whenever we're passing through the area. It's just a good atmosphere and definitely good beer. The welcoming atmosphere is the best part and a nice contrast to larger breweries. 

K: 4.5/5 - Although this place is much smaller than their neighbor 2R, it's a refreshing new stop in the world of beer. What gets me is the feeling you are in one of your good friends basement trying his/hers home brews. The friendliness and welcoming attitude of this place stands alone and is one of two reasons I'll always come back. The other is the good beer it serves up. 

Cozy tasting room


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